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The Dirt | State of the Willamette | 2020

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Habitat Restoration Practice, Science, and Funding

A workshop for Willamette Basin restoration partners to share perspectives on the current state of river restoration practice, science, funding, and ways to improve restoration outcomes from local to regional scales.


2020 State of the Willamette Agenda


Keynote Speakers

Ken Bierly, former OWEB – Dance with the Willamette River

Stan Gregory, OSU – Charting a Course for Conversation and Restoration of the Willamette River


Willamette native fishes: emerging science and monitoring findings

Luke Whitman, ODFW  – Native Spring Chinook and Winter Steelhead in the Upper Willamette River

Hannah Barrett, OSU  – Investigating Thermal Refuge Use by Willamette River Coastal Cutthroat Trout

Brian Bangs, ODFW  – Oregon Chub (and Other Off-Channel Habitat Fish)

Greg Taylor, USACE  – Salmon Response to Temperature


Floodplain/channel habitats, connectivity and complexity: on-the-ground experiences and science perspectives 

James White, USGS – Where, When, and How Much Salmonid Habitat is Available on the Willamette River?

Jed Kaul, Long Tom Watershed Council – Floodplain Reconnection at Snag Boat Bend, Where There is a Will, is There a Way?

Laurel Stratton and Krista Jones, USGS  – Water Temperature and Coldwater Refuges in the Willamette River Basin

Rich Miller, PSU  – Effects of Aquatic Plants on Water Quality in Willamette River Off-Channel Habitats

Collin McCandless, Calapooia Watershed Council – Construction Ahead, Proceed With Caution


Floodplain and riparian forests: on-the-ground experiences and science perspectives

Matt Blakeley-Smith, Greenbelt Land Trust  –  Large-Scale Floodplain Revegetation

Joan Hagar, USGS  – Birds as Indicators of Riparian Health and Function

Rose Wallick, USGS  – Floods, Floodplains, and Floodplain Forests of the Historical and Present-Day Willamette River


Agency/funder goals, programs, policies and perspectives

  • Anne Mullan, NOAA Fisheries Restoration Priorities for Willamette River Salmonids
  • Greg Taylor, USACE Water Management in the Willamette Basin
  • Rich Piaskowski, USACE Willamette ESA and NEPA Activities, BiOp, EIS
  • Lawrence Schwabe, Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde
  • Andrew Dutterer, OWEB & Willamette Anchor Habitat Investments
  • Kelly Reis, ODFW Willamette Wildlife Mitigation Program