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2024 Community Needs Assessment Project

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As a public service agency, our job is to meet the needs of our constituents, identify local gaps and opportunities, and provide equitable services and support for everyone in Benton County. To help us better fulfill this responsibility, we’re conducting a community needs assessment this year. This project will include four phases:

  1. An online survey open to all (now open - click here!)
  2. A series of focus group meetings and interviews with a diversity of residents
  3. Analysis of results and compilation into a public report
  4. Implementation of findings into new or existing projects and programs

Needs Assessment Goals

  • Build and strengthen relationships with existing and new audiences
  • Identify key new audiences and potential partners
  • Engage local stakeholders in shaping our trajectory
  • Determine gaps and opportunities for messaging and projects
  • Explore ways we can fulfill our diversity, equity, justice, and inclusion goals and commitments

focus groups

We're planning to lead focus group meetings in May and June 2024. Depending on interest, this may be just one group of people, or multiple smaller groups. Each group can expect to meet once or twice. We also welcome private conversations with those who wish to share feedback via phone, Zoom, or in-person interviews.

Focus group participants will recieve:

  • A gas card to compensate for fuel used to get to and from meetings
  • Free lunch and refreshments at each meeting
  • BSWCD "swag" such as hats, stickers, etc.
  • The chance to share conversation and inspiration with like-minded community members!

To express interest in joining our focus groups or speaking with us one-on-one, please fill out the form below.


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