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Shrub Swamp

Shrub swamps are typically located in depressions, around lakes or ponds or on river terraces. They tend to flood seasonally and are dominated by shrubs or trees that are rooted in hydric soils. These depressions are poorly drained with fine-textured organic, muck or mineral soils and standing water common throughout the growing season. Hardwood-dominated stands (especially Oregon Ash) may be considered a shrub swamp when they are not surrounded by conifer forests. Typical landscape mosaics for the Oregon Ash stands were very often formerly dominated by prairies and now by agriculture.


Red osier dogwoodNootka rose
Pacific willowOregon ash



Red winged blackbirdCanada goose
Belted kingfisherMarsh wren
Painted turtleWestern pond turtle
Pacific tree frogMuskrat