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Landowner Assistance

We can assist you with many resource concerns. Read the full list below or request a site visit.

Habitat Restoration

Includes analysis, recommendations of native plants, site preparation including invasive weed control methods, write permits, planting methods and plans, where to order plants, secure contractors of restoration associated with:

  • Riparian (including CREP planning) buffer restoration
  • Wetland and upland prairie,
  • oak savannah and oak woodlands
  • Improving wildlife habitats in general in rural and urban settings.

Land Management

  • Provide technical assistance for implementing practices to enhance and protect forestry, agro-forestry (including buffers), woodlands, pasture, natural areas, cropland, urban, (including weed control) resource concerns

Water Quality/Quantity

  • Recommend practices to protect and improve surface and ground water resource issues, mud and manure, drainage, irrigation, rural storm water quality, in-stream issues, work with ODA on Agricultural Water Quality issues
  • Conservation Incentive Program lead

Conservation and Restoration Planning

  • Assess site for natural resource concerns, conduct analysis and make recommendations for conservation practices to correct problems: soil, water, air, plants, domestic animals.


  • Soils, soil description, historical/current vegetation, zoning, aerial photos, topography surveys and maps, stream profiles and x-sections, assist with permit applications.

Project Development

  • Grant writing, project development, develop budget, secure funding, management and oversight, reporting. OWEB, CIP, work with NRCS and FSA on federal Farm Program promotion and implementation to fund priority resource concerns.