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Wood Strawberry | Fragaria vesca

Perennial groundcover with thick basal leaves on long stalks. In spring and early summer, the white to pink flowers are about 1.5″ wide and have a bright yellow center. The strawberries are small and delicious.


Plant Details

HabitatsOak Woodland, Upland Prairie and Savanna, Riparian Forests, Wet Prairie
Habitat NotesWet prairie; Riparian Forest; Upland Prairie and Oak Savanna; Oak woodland; Woodland groundcover
Years Planted at Arboretums2012
Mature Height2-8”
Shade Preferencepart sun
Soil ToleranceOccurs under wide range of soil moisture conditions; does not tolerate extremely wet or extremely dry conditions.
Special UsesAttracts insects, bees and butterflies; Provides wildlife forage, cover and food; Ornamental