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Quackgrass | Elymus repens

Quackgrass is erect and can form clumps. Stems are round in cross-section and nodes appear swollen. Leaves are rolled in the bud, flat, droop and are often constricted at the tip. The lower leaf surface has a waxy coating, and the upper leaf surface has either a hairy or waxy coating. The sheath is open, hairless or covered with short, soft hairs. The ligule is membranous with a fine fringe. Auricles are narrow, clasp the stem, and tinged whitish to violet. Flowering takes place from May through September. The flower head is a spike about 2 to 8 inches (5–20 cm) long. The spikelets are flattened, stalkless, and alternate to one another along the spike. (Description taken from UC Davis IPM.)

Plant Details

Habitat Notescommercial ag lands, disturbed lands, rights of way, livestock feeding areas, meadows, uplands
Mature Heightup to 4 feet tall