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Pearly Everlasting | Anaphalis Margaritacea

Individual, erect, cottony stems often clumped together creating a bushy appearance. Narrow leaves are gray-green to woolly-white. Globular flowers are actually long-enduring, white, dry bracts arranged around a yellow center. Several evenly leafy woolly stems in a small patch are topped by a crowded, roundish cluster of flower heads with pearly-white bracts, sometimes with a dark spot at base of each outer bracts.

Plant Details

HabitatsOak Woodland, Riparian Forests, Bottomland Forests, Mixed Hardwood-Conifer Forest or Woodland
Mature Height1-3'
Shade Preferenceful sun, part shade
Soil ToleranceMost to fairly dry soil
Special UsesAttracts butterflies. Makes great cut flower and useful in dried bouquets.