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Pampas or Jubata Grass | Cortaderia spp.

Perennial; leaves are long flat or folded basal leaves with sharp serrated margins. Leaves arise from tufted base. Tall flower plumes at end of very long stems. Pampas grass – silvery white (female) or pale violet (male) flowers with bluish-green leaves. Jubata grass – pinkish to deep purple flowering (asexual) with bright green leaves. Pampas grass has stems that are generally equal to or slightly longer than tufted base height. Jubata grass has stems generally at least two times as long as tufted base height.


Plant Details

Habitat NotesDisturbed areas, road cuts, ditches and roadsides, dunes, bluffs, logged forests, coastal grasslands, and inland areas.
Mature Height6-23’