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Oregon White Oak | Quercus garryana

Oregon’s hallmark native oak. Forms wide spreading branches and grows to 100 feet. Light grey bark with thick furrows and ridges. Deeply round lobed leaves, dark shiny green on top and brown-hairy greenish yellow below.

Plant Details

HabitatsOak Woodland, Upland Prairie and Savanna, Riparian Forests, Bottomland Forests
Habitat NotesBottomland Forest; Riparian Forest; Oak woodland; Upland Prairie and Oak Savanna
Years Planted at Arboretums2011, 1996, 2010
Mature Height100’
Shade Preferencefull sun
Soil ToleranceWell-drained soils
Special UsesAttracts insects, bees and butterflies; Attracts birds; Attracts hummingbirds; Provides wildlife forage, cover and food; Grown for timber production