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Evergreen Huckleberry | Vaccinium ovatum

An attractive bushy shrub that grows 4-6′ tall in the valley but up to 15′ tall on the coast, with shiny evergreen leaves that are green with hints of red. It has pink bell-shaped flowers in clusters of 3-10 and has deep purple berries that are edible, but musky in taste.


Plant Details

HabitatsRiparian Forests, Bottomland Forests, Mixed Hardwood-Conifer Forest or Woodland
Mature Height4 to 6' in the Valley. Grows to 12' on the coast.
Shade Preferenceshade, part sun
Soil ToleranceMoist, well-drained acidic soils
Special UsesAttracts birds; Wildlife forage, cover and food; Ornamental; Deer resistant