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Western Goldenrod | Solidago lepida var. salebrosa

Western Goldenrod has showy yellow flower sprays that bloom in late summer. The flowers are valuable to butterflies, bees, and other insects. It is a very fast growing rhizomatous plant that forms dense bright patches on open land. Often forms colonies. (Search google images for photos, none available to post here that aren’t copyrighted.)

Plant Details

HabitatsUpland Prairie and Savanna, Bottomland Forests, Mixed Hardwood-Conifer Forest or Woodland, Wet Prairie
Habitat NotesTypically found on historic farmlands, pastures, fields, thickets, prairies, waste areas and roadsides. Quickly spreading rhizomatous plant, drought tolerant, good for riparian plantings.
Mature Height2-3 ft
Shade Preferencefull sun, part shade
Soil Tolerancemoist, slightly acidic, well-drained soils
Special UsesProvides vital pollen & nectar for butterflies, bees and other insects; Deer resistant