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Soil Studies

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students learning outdoors
Teachers Guide to Soil Lessons 

Lessons include what is soil, soil functions, soil texture, infiltration, and more.

Influence of Soil Textures 

This chart illustrates how soil texture influences its function.

Student Soil Quality Card and Teacher Guide 

This is a student version of the Willamette Valley Soil Quality Card © 1998 by Oregon State University Extension Service. The student version was created with funding from the USDA Risk Management Education Partnerships Program grant.

For best results, use in conjunction with the Teacher's Guide. 

Soil Texture By Feel Method 

An easy-to use flow chart to help you and your students determine soil texture by hand.

The Soil Tunnel Scavenger Hunt 
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Borrow the soil tunnel for events or invite District staff to schedule a visit. The soil tunnel is an immersive experience for students to get down in the earth to explore the many owners of the soil. This  4ft wide x 4ft tall x 8ft long PVC structure comes with a scavenger hunt activity.