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Our Vision

Our vision is that the land, waters, and forests of Benton County will be healthy and resilient through the care and effort of everyone in our community, and that the benefits of conservation will be equitably shared.  

This ideal future includes:

  • Healthy soils that act as the living foundation of vibrant habitats and sustainable food production, and as a crucial element in reducing and withstanding the impacts of climate change.  
  • Vibrant and resilient working lands, where farmers, ranchers, and foresters use conservation practices that create long-term health for the land and water and help our communities adapt to changes in climate and other conditions.
  • Clean and abundant water for drinking, irrigation, and sustenance of the natural environment. 
  • Thriving habitats and watersheds that support diverse plants, animals, and other species.
  • Collective action by everyone in Benton County—farmers and ranchers, individuals and households, businesses, institutions, and organizations—to care for and support our land and waters.  

We recognize the urgency of this work in the face of unprecedented threats from climate change, development, and other pressures. With everyone contributing their own strengths and gifts, together we can steward, restore, and enhance this place we call home.