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Nodding Onion | Allium cernuum

Star-like blossoms on downward-facing umbels dangle from each hooked stem, in shades of cream, pink, and lavendar. Grows best in full or partial sun and a variety of moist soil conditions including clay.  Easy to grow and will gradually spread by seed and bulbs.  Plant in mass for a stunning display.  Like all the Allium species, Nodding Onion has a pungent smell when bruised, making it deer-resistant. A native bee magnet!

Plant Details

Habitat(s)Wet Prairie
Habitat NotesWet meadows, grassy wooded banks, and on marshy ground. Often found in roadside ditches and swales.
Mature Height12"-24"
Shade PreferenceFull sun, light shade
Soil ToleranceMoist soils including sandy loam and clay
Special UsesAttracting native bees. Edible. Deer-resistant.