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Narrow-leaved Buckbrush | Ceanothus cuneatus

This is a large evergreen shrub with small spoon shaped leaves. The branches grow perpendicular to the main stem and the leaves are smooth, oppositely arranged. Small white to purple fragrant flowers grow in dense round clusters that brighten the entire plant.


Plant Details

HabitatsOak Woodland, Upland Prairie and Savanna
Habitat NotesVery drought and cold tolerant, typically found in dry areas such as bare mountain slopes, rocky ridges, chaparral woodlands and old streambeds.
Mature Height3-11'
Shade Preferencefull sun
Soil Tolerancepoor rocky soils that are dry and well drained
Special UsesGreat nitrogen-fixer; attracts insects, bees, butterflies, birds, hummingbirds; Provides wildlife forage, cover, and food; Deer resistant