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Management Plan

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A management plan is a written record of your natural resources, the recommended conservation practices, and the management decisions that you choose to implement and maintain on your land.

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Developing a management plan is a proactive effort to protect the natural resources on your property. It is also the first step in finding and qualifying for government conservation programs and funding. Management plans can be developed for a number of different resources: forestry, agriculture, soil, water and wildlife habitat.

Your local resource conservationists can help you develop a comprehensive management plan. Contact a conservation planner from the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) or Benton SWCD for assistance. Include your family from the beginning of the process to create a plan that meets your needs and those of your heirs.

Benefits of a Management Plan

  • Identify current and potential resource management problems
  • Help property owners comply with environmental regulations
  • Develop short-term and long-term goals and identify the steps needed to achieve those goals

To start a Conservation Plan, you can access this handy document from Natural Resources Conservation Service: Steps for Healthy & Sustainable Rural Living on Small Acreages in Oregon. Hard copies of this document are available at the Benton SWCD office. Contact the Benton SWCD to speak with a resource conservationist for assistance with specific sections of the plan. We will be happy to help you develop your conservation plan.