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Let's Pull Together

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On Saturday, May 21, 2022 almost 40 Benton County volunteers showed up to pull noxious weeds and invasive plants out of the ground and off of native trees in Philomath, Corvallis and No. Albany. Removing English ivy, Scotch broom, blackberry and invasive hawthorne leaves more space for native plants and flowers such as Columbian larkspur, common camas, Cusick’s checkermallow, fringecup, Pacific bleeding heart, and many more to bloom for the pollinators this spring.

You’re invited to pull noxious weeds and invasive plants anytime at home – Benton County native plants and pollinators will thrive with your continued volunteerism.

Thank you for your great work Pulling Together!

Let’s Pull Together was started in the City of Bend and is making its way across the state. The May 21 events that took place during Oregon’s Invasive Weed Awareness Week, are hosted by members of the Benton County Cooperative Weed Management Area (CWMA). The mission of the Benton County CWMA is to coordinate community-based efforts against those invasive species that have the potential to cause ecological and economic harm in Benton County.


Partnering Organizations

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Benton SWCD and partners collaborated for Let’s Pull Together! on May 21st in Philomath, Corvallis and Albany. Corvallis Parks & Recreation, Marys River Watershed Council, Albany Parks & Recreation, and the City of Philomath and community volunteers worked to make room for Oregon’s native plant species by pulling noxious weeds and invasive plants – thank you partners and volunteers!