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In Benton County, irrigation is needed to maintain crops and yards during the summer months when rainfall is limited. The maximum irrigation efficiency you can achieve depends on the system and management used. An efficient irrigation water application system coupled with good water management can reduce energy costs.

Irrigation Systems and Management

The type of irrigation system and the quality of management defines the achievable application efficiency. It is possible to install a high efficiency system and still have low application efficiencies due to improper management. The three commonly used irrigation methods in Benton County are surface, sprinkler, and micro. When making your choice, take into account the required labor and operational maintenance associated with a particular system. Contact the OSU Small Farms Program to find out what irrigation system is best for your scenario.

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Key Factors of an Irrigation System

  • Crop water requirement 
  • Application uniformity 
  • Water supply reliability 
  • Operational precision 
  • Water use efficiency 
  • Economic returns

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