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Incense Cedar | Calocedrus decurrens

Attractively shaped evergreen conifer with dense foliage often used in home landscapes. Wood has pleasant odor. Branches are flattened vertically, appearing fan-like. Bark is reddish brown and broken into scales in young trees, turning into fibrous ridges. Small scale-like leaves are in whorls of four, aromatic when crushed.

Plant Details

HabitatsMixed Hardwood-Conifer Forest or Woodland
Habitat NotesMore commonly found at higher elevations (2000-8000').
Years Planted at Arboretums1996
Mature Height100’
Shade Preferencesun, part shade
Soil ToleranceMoist, well-drained soils. Tolerating many different soil types
Special UsesAttracts birds; Provides wildlife forage, cover and food; deer resistant