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David Barron

Position: Zone 1

I’ve lived in Benton County since 2014. We farm and homestead in Summit where we manage some timber and livestock. I have been a volunteer with BSWCD as a associate director for the last several years. I volunteer my free time with several local, regional, and international organizations such as Linn/Benton Oregon Master Gardner’s Association, FRIENDS, and Head Start.

I love playing front yard football, basketball, or soccer with my family. I have been a professional firefighter for the last 24 years. The skills, knowledge, and experience that I’ve gained in emergency and non emergency situations have given me invaluable insight.

Agriculture is my culture and I’m so glad to serve our community as zone 1 Director. I’m an open ally for the preservation of our soils and water here and anywhere. When you see me around please feel free to strike up a conversation with me.