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Coast Silk Tassel | Garrya elliptica

Evergreen shrub with dark, gray-green leathery egg-shaped foliage that grows to 12 ft tall and wide. Flowers appear in winter with male and female catkins on separate plants. The showy long, drooping clusters of greenish-white male flowers reach 6-12 in. long. Female plants produce less showy catkins but bear hairy fruits that turn from light green to dark purple and are eaten by birds.


Plant Details

HabitatsBottomland ForestsMixed Hardwood-Conifer Forest or Woodland
Habitat Notesdry north-facing slopes and ridges, mixed evergreen forests and shaded valleys.
Mature Height8-12 ft
Shade Preferencefull sun, part shade
Soil ToleranceWell drained, moist soil.
Special UsesDrought tolerant.