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Oregon's Diverse Fire Ecology - Webinar

Collage of diverse Oregon landscapes with text "NOT ALL FLAME IS THE SAME – Oregon’s Diverse Fire Ecology."

The OSU Extension Fire Program team is hosting a webinar on May 2 from 11am to 12pm on Not all Flame is the Same: Oregon’s Diverse Fire Ecology.

Description of webinar: May is Wildfire Awareness Month, and the Oregon State University Extension Fire Program would like to take you on a journey of fire throughout Oregon. In this webinar, a team of regional fire specialists will share diverse stories about how fire has shaped Oregon landscapes historically and currently. Understanding fire’s role in the place you live can help you become better prepared for fire and smoke, and more aware of your local ecological setting.   

Who should attend? People who are just becoming acquainted with wildfire concepts and may not be able to distinguish between different vegetation types or the ways that wildfire varies across the state; and practitioners who may not have a background in fire/forest ecology.

Free registration at