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2023-2027 Strategic Plan

On behalf of the Staff and Board of Directors of the Benton Soil and Water Conservation District, we proudly present our Strategic Direction for 2022-2027, which builds upon our 2015-2020 Strategic Plan. The new plan incorporates four overarching strategic themes: climate, target impact, equity, and collaborative leadership, which are woven throughout the plan’s five Goals.


Overarching strategic themes for 2022-2027

Four strategic themes are woven throughout the five goals of this strategic direction document:  

  • Climate We will increase our focus on reducing greenhouse gases and creating climate resilience.  
  • Targeted impact We will make sure BSWCD programs are directed toward specific audiences and outcomes.
  • Equity  We will increase inclusion and access for marginalized and under-resourced communities. 
  • Collaborative leadership We will work with our partners to strategically leverage our specific organizational strengths in pursuit of shared goals. 

To read the entire document and all of the goals set forth, please download this PDF: