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Grant Funds Available for Water Quality Projects

OWEB Grant Funds Available for Water Quality Projects

Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board (OWEB) has a fund for small grants for watershed improvements in the Upper Muddy Creek Watershed (see map below).  A 25% matching contribution from the landowner is required, which may sometimes be satisfied by the landowners’ labor to implement the project.

Application Deadline: January 17, 2024

Maximum request amount per grant: $15,000

Timeframe: Projects must be completed within two years of the grant award date. 

Eligible Project types: Projects must demonstrate a clear watershed benefit to aquatic species, wildlife, or watershed health and be one of the eligible project types listed below.  These are based on OWEB Small Grant Rules OAR 695-035-0050.  Priority will be given to projects intended to restore or protect agricultural water quality.

Projects commonly used to restore or protect Agricultural Water Quality:

  • Manage Nutrient and Sediment Inputs through managed grazing (e.g., fencing and developing off-channel watering) and plantings.
  • Manage Vegetation: plant or seed native riparian species, propagate native riparian plants, or control weeds in conjunction with a restoration project.
  • Manage Vegetation: control weeds (in conjunction with a restoration project), or plant native wetland species.
  • Manage Erosion on Agricultural Lands: terrace land; employ laser leveling; create windbreaks; install water and sediment control basins (WASCBs); develop filter strips/grassed waterways; manage mud (e.g., gravel high-use areas, develop paddocks); seed bare areas, reduce tillage.
  • Manage Nutrient and Sediment Inputs to Streams through the management of grazing, vegetation cover, animal waste, or irrigation runoff.
  • Improve Surface Drainage: surface road drainage improvements, gravel surfacing, stream crossings.
  •  Manage Erosion: bioengineer stream banks, slope stream banks, or develop water gaps, streambank barbs.
  • Implement Irrigation Practices.

Application process

If you’re interested in this funding, contact the Benton Soil and Water Conservation District and we’ll arrange for a site visit to talk specifics and help you through the grant development process.

Contact Donna at or call: 541-753-7208 (ext 203)

May contain: chart, plot, neighborhood, and map
Upper Muddy Creek watershed and eligible grant area. Not sure if you're located within this region? Just give us a call!