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The Dirt | Watershed Council Support

Here is a summary of the Watershed Council efforts Benton SWCD has supported when our budget allows.

YearWatershed CouncilProject SummaryAmount Funded
2021LuckiamuteThe funds will support staff time to plan and deliver a variety of Love Your Watershed Program events in 2021. The LWC also anticipates that many of the events in 2021 will be virtual due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Some events will be outdoors, with appropriate safety protocols in place. Based on 2019 survey results, about one third of in-person event participants reside in Benton County; 2020 data are not available yet.$900
2021Long TomFunds will support staff time to plan and coordinate our Annual Celebration and / or honorariums for event speakers. LTWC’s Annual Celebration is designed to build a greater awareness of the watershed, the council, its activities, and the diverse people who comprise the community and are working together to improve watershed health. LTWC public events are an important opportunity to make Benton County residents aware of these endeavors, and also to remind people living upstream of Monroe how the watershed system is all connected and how can help benefit water health for their neighbors.$900
2021Marys RiverMRWC works to build conservation awareness within Benton County through our education and outreach programming, and we can always use additional funds to support these efforts. In addition, grant funds could help contribute towards staff time within our restoration programming for which do not have other grant funding, such as the first stages of landowner outreach for new projects prior to funding, time spent organizing volunteer events, and staff time responding to requests for help from members of our community.$900
2021CalapooiaStaff time for outreach and education events including trash clean ups and field trips (assuming COVID-19 vaccines reach our staff)$900
2020LuckiamuteSupport planning and delivery of community outreach and education events in 2020 as part of the Luckiamute Watershed Council’s (LWC) “Love Your Watershed” series.$2500
2020Long TomTo help fund our slate of educational public meetings in 2020 which include presentations, project tours, workshops, and our Annual Celebration. These events are widely advertised and open to everyone.$2500
2020Marys RiverTo support Benton County education programming and outreach efforts to raise awareness about conservation in the Marys River to Benton County residents. These funds will be focused on adult learning in Benton County$2500
2020CalapooiaProject management for CWC staff to participate in Weed Pulls, Surveys & the Willamette Mainstem Cooperative.$2500