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educational programs

Students and educators in Benton County benefit from the variety of curricula, grants, scholarships and equipment we offer.

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for Landowners

resources for landowners

We offer technical and financial assistance for the restoration and enhancement of wetlands, riparian areas and wildlife habitat.

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Volunteer releases biocontrol on Scotch Broom © H. Keirstead

From invasive species to native plants, we can always use volunteers.

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From grant announcements to community events, we keep you informed.

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about SWCDs

Soil and Water Conservation Districts (SWCDs) work to promote cleaner water, improved crop land, pastures, forests and restored wildlife habitat.

Specifically, SWCDs:

Restore and enhance wetlands, riparian areas and wildlife habitat.

Reduce soil erosion and improve water quality.

Provide conservation education for Benton County youth.

Coordinate workshops on conservation practices and natural resource issues.

and more

All about Benton SWCD

Workshop participants explore soil properties. © Marion B.

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  • 4/28
    BSWCD Budget Committee Meeting
  • 4/29
    Forest Camp
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