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Pacific Bleeding Heart (Dicentra formosa)

Native to western North America, bleeding heart is a wide-spreading rhizomatous perennial with gray-green, finely-divided foliage and short racemes of nodding, heart-shaped, pink flowers flushed with lavendar and magenta. Blooming from early spring to mid-summer, the flowers dangle gracefully from a lush mound of foliage. Flowering will stop in the heat of summer and may start again in the early fall. A reliable performer ideal for shady corners, borders, or as a groundcover.

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HabitatRiparian Forests, Bottomland Forests
Mature height6" to 24"
Shade preferencepart shade
Soil toleranceMoist soil
Special usesAttracts insects, bees and butterflies; Ornamental; Deer resistant

1 gal container